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Where the Rivers Meet
Where the Rivers Meet
English Edition
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The Death of Al-Hallaj by Herbert Mason
Publisher (English): Notre Dame University Press, 102 pp.
Available at
Also available at Notre Dame University Press

This small book is a refreshing read that gives you some of Hallaj's ideas without having to sit down to a "meal" of dry scholastic material. This book does not have chronological life outlines or technical data, but it does show us a very digestible drama that brings us close to the man and his beliefs. (

"Highly recommended, Mason's preface is a fine introduction to the renowned Muslim mystic and the dramatic narrative that follows." ~ Choice.

"Mason's poetic style lends itself well to the telling of such a powerful tale." ~ Library Journal.

Book covers and illustrations in the books by Dino Cavallari.

Click here to listen to a dramatic narrative performance by the Portland Maine Players Group.