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Dramatic Presentations

-- Baal-Satan


-- The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, a novella
-- This Never Happened! a novel
-- Heartache: Two Irish Tales, a novel
-- Summer Light, a novel
-- Where the Rivers Meet, a novel
-- Gilpins Point, a novella
--Forthcoming: Baal and Other Stories
-- Forthcoming: Parole, a novel


-- Gilgamesh, a Verse Narrative
-- The Death of al-Hallaj, a Dramatic Narrative
-- A Legend of Alexander and The Merchant and the Parrot, two dramatic Persian Poems
-- Disappearances, selected poems


-- Memoir of a Friend: Louis Massignon
Moments in Passage

Studies and Translations

-- The Passion of al-Hallaj by Louis Massignon, (4 vols.)
-- Hallaj, Martyr and Mystic by Louis Massignon,
1 vol. abridgement

-- Testimonies and Reflections
-- Al-Hallaj
Two Statesmen of Mediaeval Islam



Herbert W. Mason