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This Never Happened!
by Herbert Mason
Publisher: Lulu
Downloadable via, 564kb

This is a historical novel of an aspiring American journalist and an activist French woman as they live through crises together in the Paris of the Algerian War period.  Their personal lives intersect a dramatic clash between a French diplomat Inspector of Prisons caught in a tragic dilemma and a noted Islamicist scholar. The latter, Louis Massignon, together with writers Jean-Paul Sartre and Francois Mauriac, form a triumvirate against the “fratricidal war”. [Read more..]


Where the Rivers Meet
by Herbert Mason
Publisher (English): AuthorHouse,
Available for purchase via

"Where the Rivers Meet is a novel of friendship and spiritual quest. Twenty-two year old David Blake, having left his home on Maryland's Eastern Shore to live in Paris, undertakes a journey to Morocco.  After a near death experience he finds himself temporarily blind as a guest in the home of a wealthy Berber merchant in Marrakesh. During his two-year disappearance from all he has previously known, he undergoes aspiritual transformation in which he faces both new companionships and dangers... [Read more...]